About Us

How We Began

Mended Little Hearts of SWPA was started by Andrea and Brett Baer after their son, Trenton, was born with a Congenital Heart Defect.  They wanted to help other families that were experiencing the same things that they went through on their journey with Trenton.   Without Andrea and Brett, Mended Little Hearts of SWPA would not be what it is today.  They put years into growing this group, raising awareness, educating the community, and providing support to hundreds of families.

Andrea didn’t stop there!  She is now the Executive Director of the entire Mended Hearts Organization!  She is still fighting for our heart children, and looking for ways to continue to support families that have entered the world of CHD’s.

Thank You to Andrea and Brett for starting MLH of SWPA….from the bottom of our Mended Little Hearts!

What We Do

Each month, Mended Little Hearts takes 25 Bravery Bags month to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.  You can find what’s inside a Bravery Bag in our Bravery Bag section.  We take Cath Lab Bags and “Emergency Pouches” as well.

We also take pantry items to Children’s Hospital for the CICU and 7A Step-Down Unit.  We take pantry items to the Children’s Home in Pittsburgh also.   These items can be found in our Bravery Bag section.

Throughout the year we provided lunches at the hospital and the Children’s Home in Pittsburgh.

We hold support and education meetings throughout the year.

We have awareness events.

We have family fun events!

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