Bravery Bags

Each month, Mended Little Hearts takes 25 Bravery Bags to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh.  These bags are filled with items for the parents (snacks, toiletries, entertainment, educational materials) as well as items for the child (crayons, blanket, coloring book, Stitch the Lion).  These bags are distributed each month to families in the Cardiac ICU as well as the Cardiac Step-Down Unit.   We also provide Cath Lab bags each month, that contain items for the child to have while they wait to go into the Cath Lab, and when they get out.  We take “Emergency Pouches” filled with a few toiletries as well for families that come up from the ER, not intending to spend the night.


We could not continue this program without the support from the community.  Fox’s Pizza Den became the official sponsor of our bags.  Schools, churches, hospitals, businesses, and many others donate items to place in the bags.

Recent Drop-Off at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh



Sample Bravery Bag